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Hair Type Profiles

Dry Hair

If you have very curly and/or thick hair, chances are your hair is dry, simply because the structure of your hair makes it difficult for the sebum on your scalp to coat each strand.  But dry hair can result in almost any hair type when it is damaged by chemicals or heat styling.  No matter what the cause, Original Moxie provides effective moisturizing solutions that eliminate chronic dryness and leave hair feeling soft and healthy.

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Original Moxie Rx:

PRE-TREAT: Prior to washing (12 hours before, if possible), distribute Emollience™ Penetrating Moisture throughout your hair.  Use less for fine hair and more for thick hair.  To speed up the process, you can wrap hair in a protective plastic bonnet and heat gently wih a hair dryer.  If you plan to sleep on it, make sure that you wear a scarf to protect your sheets.

MASSAGE: At least one time per week, preferably after pre-treating with Emollience™, apply about 12 drops of Scalp Therapy™ on your scalp and massage with the pads of your fingers, being careful not to scrape the skin with your nails. Regular massage will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and keep it supple and well-lubricated.   Emollience™ can also be used to moisturize tight, dry scalps.

CLEANSE: Wash no more than once per week with Get Clean!™ No-foam Shampoo.   Though it may feel strange at first to wash without suds, we promise that your hair will, like the name says, get clean.  

CONDITION: After washing, apply Intense Quench™ Conditioner, massaging gently into the scalp and working through from roots to tips.  Leave on for at least 15 minutes or, if possible, overnight, before rinsing.

DETANGLE: As long as your hair remains wet and is protected with a conditioner or styling product, such as Everyday Leave-in™, you can gently loosen any remaining snarls and tangles without causing breakage. Mist with water as you go to make sure that your hair stays slippery and damp throughout the detangling process.

STYLE: Oasis™ Moisture Gel is a must,  as it helps to bind moisture to your hair, something that chronically dry hair has trouble doing on its own.  You can blend Oasis™ with any other stylers or even combine it with Everyday Leave-in™ when you detangle.  If you have thicker, curlier hair, you will probably want to style with a rich, buttery product like Lux Locks™, or Shape Shifter™.   If you have finer hair, then you can use Oasis™ as a stand alone and skip to the next step.

SEAL: Now that you've taken care of moisturizing your hair, you'll want to seal it with a product that contains natural oils. Hair Bling™ or Twist Mist™ will do the trick for thick, dry hair.

Still not sure how to categorize your hair? Contact us for further assistance in diagnosing your hairtype and creating a customized product selection suited for your unique needs.