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Hair Type Quiz

2A? 4C? Who cares! Let your hair speak for itself. Based on over four years of research and 1,000+ heads of hair, our diagnostic system goes beyond curl pattern to consider all of your hair’s unique characteristics.  Together, these attributes create an accurate picture of how your hair looks, feels, and behaves - in a word, its “Personality”!  Take our quiz today to find products custom made to fit your Hair Type Personality™.




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Here are the characteristics we assess to determine your Hair Type Personality™:

curl-pattern.jpg Curl Pattern: Quite simply, this is the average number of curls per inch that occur along the length of your hair. This can range from perfectly straight with zero curls per inch to tightly curled with over 10 curls per inch. The tightness of your curl pattern determines how quickly your sebum travels from your follicles to distribute along the hair shaft. The tighter your curl pattern, the more difficult it is for your natural oils to coat the hair.
porosity-icon.jpg Porosity: Porosity refers to the degree to which your hair is able to absorb moisture and product. It is determined by the thickness and condition of your cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair. Medium to low porosity hair has a tightly sealed cuticle which is more resistant to moisture absorption and loss. Medium to high porosity hair has a more open cuticle which allows moisture and product to pass easily into and out of the hair shaft.
texture-icon.jpg Texture: Texture is a function of strand diameter, or the average width of your individual strands of hair. Strand diameter can range from less than 60 microns to 80 microns in diameter and determines whether your hair is Fine, Medium, or Coarse in texture. (NOTE: It is a myth that medium textured hair is the width of a sewing thread, which starts at 127 microns). Texture makes a big impact on how the hair responds to various ingredients and how it feels to the touch.
 curl-icon.jpg  Curl Shape:The three-dimensional appearance of a curl or wave. 'S' Curls resemble a repeating wave pattern that can range from very loose to very tight. Spiral Curls are helical and coil around a central axis. Unlike Spiral or 'S' Curls, Single Strand™ Curls prefer not to group together in 'families.' Instead, individual hairs may be either 'S' or spiral-shaped and tend to stand apart from one another. Shape is one of the major drivers of your Hair Type Personality, as it predicts how your hair looks and behaves over time.
 scalp-icon.jpg  Scalp Condition:The appearance and mobility of your scalp can tell us a lot about your hair! Ideally, your scalp should be supple enough to move easily over your skull and be free of visible flaking or redness. Not one of the lucky few with a 'perfect' scalp? That's ok! We offer a range of solutions to help get you there.
styling-icon.jpg Styling Preference: OK - so this has nothing to do with your hair type, but it does help us understand your lifestyle and product needs. Whether you like to keep it simple, pump up the volume, or mix it up with occasional heat styling, we've got you covered.


Want to learn more? Take the Quiz to find out your Hair Type Personality and get a customized styling regimen just for you!