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Mini Combo™ Kit

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Choose your own perfect combination of hair care products! Pick from any of our Moxie Minis for a four-pack tailored to suit your unique needs.  Purchasing this as a gift for someone else?  No sweat!  Just  add Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping at checkout!

A four-pack of Moxie Minis priced at a great value (four for the price of three).

All hair types.

Any four of the Original Moxie Minis Collection. Select from the multiple choice menu on the upper right of your screen.

Please note that because the individual items in our gift sets are already significantly discounted, they are excluded from all additional promotions.


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  1. Great To Sample, but Itty Bitty!

    Posted by Elizabeth Kuti on 14th May 2018

    I am glad that they offer sample sizes, but these are itty bitty. I would suggest making these each 2oz (company) or if they aren't going to do that, then buy two kits (consumer). You want to really test it out and this is just too small

  2. new found love

    Posted by Abena on 18th Oct 2017

    I have coarse 4c, low porosity natural hair. My hair has been dry and knotty lately as the weather is getting colder. I decided to try these mini’s out as I have only seen good reviews on YouTube and I do not regret it!

    Emollience – I used this as a pre-poo on my ends and on my hair. Sat under a hooded dryer for 10mins and my hair felt moisturized. This emollience melt in your hands and melt in your hair bringing your hair back the moisture it’s missing. I applied my leave-in after deep conditioning and used the emollience as a sealant after air drying. A little goes a long way. I will be purchasing this product in the normal size.

    Get Clean No Foam – I was a bit hesitant to use this shampoo as I felt my hair has rich butter in it including the emollience and this shampoo may not do the job to clean my scalp and hair as desired nonetheless I still used it. I wet my hair and sectioned and focus on my scalp. After this I applied the shampoo on my hair as well and massaged my scalp. Not seeing suds was a bit weird. What I realized was that my hair was beginning to feel stripped just as I will use my clarifying shampoo. I rinsed my hair and I was so shocked. My hair felt clean and stripped on the products and yet moisturized. I quickly ran to the mirror to inspect my scalp and it looked so clean and happy. I am purchasing this product in the normal size.

    Intense Quench Conditioner- Love! Love! Love! My hair thrives on moisture and this deep conditioner is packed with it. I applied this product and was able to detangle my hair right away. Usually I can only detangle my hair after sitting with the deep conditioner under a hooded dryer for several minutes, but this conditioner and my hair were meant to be. I sat under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes with it and did not want to rinse it our because of the peppermint tingling sensation on my scalp. I rinsed it out with cool water and my hair felt moisturized and strong at the same time. This conditioner was a treatment for my hair. buying the larger product!

    Lux Locks – I used this product to twist my hair after air drying my hair with a leave-in and the emollience as a sealant. A little of this product goes a long way in detangling and melting away knots. I have not had to re-twist or re-moisturize my hair in 3 days and am lovi

  3. "Moxie Minis Collection"

    Posted by Pamela on 13th Feb 2017

    I have seen a YouTube Video where a naturalista was using Moxie Moisture Gel. I had no idea your company had such a variety of products. Thus, my decision to trial the Moxie Minis Collection. My favorite, so far, is the Hair Bling hair pomade.

    I have 4C Natural Hair, and I am very pleased. Will definitely purchase more products from your haircare line.

    Thank You...


  4. Enough quantity to try in the mini kit!

    Posted by AM on 27th Nov 2016

    I love that Original Moxie offers the mini trial kit; allowing you to choose what products you want to try! They offer enough product in each to really understand if you like the products or not. Or if you wanted a travel kit, it would work well for that as well. The products arrived very quickly - which is also a big plus. They even included a hand-written thank you note on my invoice, I appreciate the personal touch.

    This was the first time I have ordered from OM. My mini kit included the Get Clean Shampoo, Just Gel, Everyday Leave-In and Lux Locks. I also ordered Hold Up regular size with my purchase as I prefer a strong hold product most of the time.

    I have 3a fine & dry curly hair with low porosity. I am very sensitive to smells and prefer only essential oils for scents, if any. I have two daughters as well, one with 2b wavy hair and one with 3b curly hair so if I don't like a product I often try it on them.

    I've only used the products a couple of times therefore don't want to write a full review of actual products yet, however appreciate the natural ingredients, lack of fake fragrance, quick shipping and personal touch. Will write more detailed review after trying each product more and on my daughters as well but I will definitely be ordering from OM again!

  5. Great way to try things out

    Posted by Kendra Matthews on 25th Sep 2016

    I love that OM offers the mix-and-match trial sizes. It's a great way to see what works for you, what you love, and what you don't love. Especially if your hair seems to be fussy about what you put in it, or if you're sensitive to scents. I have a bunch of scent allergies, so it was good to see what I can use and what causes issues.

    To the best of my knowledge, my wave/curl pattern ranges from 2A-2C. My hair is probably low to medium density, and I have that coarse Native American hair. I think it's on the lower end of porosity.

    I am in *love* with the scent of Hair Bling, and since summers (and part of both fall and spring) are kind of arid here, it's been helpful for sealing. It smells lightly of orange with a slight hint of something floral. My waves had gone limp and all but straight because our humidity was 10-30% (they do best in 60%+). I use just a fingertip dab followed by Hold Up Defining Serum.

    While I don't love the scent of Shape Shifter *quite* as much as HB, to me it smells like a good, spicy chai (barista of several years). I *do* love the way this works in my hair even more than the HB. Normally, I am not a person who can scrunch their hair: I end up with funky, bent, angular hair with my spirals squashed out and replaced with 90 degree angles and fake-looking waves. But if I put Shape Shifter into sopping wet hair, I can actually scrunch to encourage the spirals and waves I normally get. It has helped my barely-wavy back section a lot!

    By itself, Shape Shifter is my favorite product (maybe plain flax seed gel gives it a run for its money). It is the only thing that, if used alone, lets my hair bounce back if raked through, leaves my hair soft and touchable and not waxy/greasy/crunchy. With Hold Up on top, it's hands down the best thing I've tried for styling in arid weather. Nothing else gives me multi-day hair in this dryness.

    The only thing I didn't love was Emollience. If Shape Shifter has a pleasant spicy smell, Emollience is like someone decided good is better when there's more of it. It just smells too strongly for me, and as Rachel warns, it didn't work so well on my coarse hair.

  6. mini combo kit

    Posted by Talisa Thompson on 4th Jun 2016

    I love this brand. I just wish that it was sold in my area so I could try some of the other products. So far I love the twist mist. It's wonderful. I plan to order more products soon.

  7. Mini Collection

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2016

    Love the products and love the fact that I could order trial sizes to be sure that I want to order larger sizes.

  8. my hair is so healthy!

    Posted by christina moses on 12th Nov 2015

    first of all i want to give a shout out to the incredible customer service. it's so clear that rachel and her team are not only very knowledgable but super passionate about their products and customers. i emailed with a million questions and a bunch of uncertainty about what was happening to my hair.
    rachel helped me it out big time..
    my hair pattern is changing. I'm 37 and well, that can happen. it's just not as curly as it used to be. but the main problem was my hair was suffering from hydral fatigue. it was overly saturated. probably from years of not using a leave in conditioner (my main styling product) that din't have protein in it.
    with some trial and error i've found that shapeshifter and hold up work the best.
    hold up reactivates better than anything i've ever used. ever. it's quite incredible.
    the bling works as well as an extra sealer when it gets too frizzy or for next day after i wet a few wayward curls.
    i'm still working on the ratio, as i think i can get heavy handed for the first day. and i still can't quite make it past day two. although a bit of the everyday leave in helps. but then i sometimes end up weighing it down more than i want.
    but over all my hair hasn't looked this health and rich in color and texture in a long time.
    so i'm sticking with it. i'm sure i'll get the right ratio down.

  9. Great value way to try multiple products!

    Posted by Jo on 20th Jul 2015

    I have had 2 or 3 of these kits to try many different samples on my hair and as of my last purchase have finally found the perfect combination and could not be happier!

    I have very fine, curly hair that is extremely dry and as a result very frizzy. Original Moxie products have completely changed this.

    I shampoo with Get Clean and condition with Intense Quench. This has made the biggest difference to my hair! Even though I was using a sulphate free shampoo already, I still found my hair to be extremely dry and as a result used a heap of conditioner which pretty much just coated my hair without really providing moisture (as the majority of non-natural conditioner do). Therefore I was worried that I would be using a large amount with these products but this was not the case. I am using at least 3/4 less conditioner and the no foam shampoo cleans my hair like a dream without drying it at all. My hair does not need washed any more frequently (perhaps even less often) and isn't weighed down.

    I then use Oasis Moisture Gel, Shape Shifter (which provide excellent moisture and smoothing) and Hold Up (to form a cast whilst drying to prevent frizz) on wet hair.

    Once dry I comb my hair to release the cast and am left with soft, shiny, bouncy loose curls that I never thought I would get! If I need a little extra smoothing I use the smallest amount of Mane Tame on dry hair which melts into my hair without "coating" my hair whilst still providing some hold.

    By far the best products I have ever tried, natural and effective. I will never use anything else ever again!

  10. happy curls

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2015

    I bought a Mini Curl Kit a while back and really loved everything in it. I ran out of everything but the hair bling so I got more minis. I have multi-textured hair (ranging from almost straight, fine hair to unruly curls) and original moxie products seem to be the best for my hair. The other added bonus is that my hair looks amazing on day two or three. I just spritz with some water and diffuse a little. I sometimes like my hair better after a few days. That's saying a lot.

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