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Please contact Customer Care for any questions regarding a specific order and Ask Moxie for any questions not covered in our FAQ's.

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What is the shelf life of your products?

Because we use a high percentage of natural ingredients and gentle preservatives, some of our products have a shorter shelf-life than conventional hair care products.  For that reason, we recommend that Original Moxie products be used within a year of purchase.  (Because we formulate our products in smaller batches, you can be assured that they are fresh at the time of purchase).  When purchasing a new product, we also recommend that you start with the smallest available size in order to guage your average rate of use.  Most of our styling products are very concentrated and may last for a long time - even in the smaller 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

Can I use your products on my hair, even if I am not styling it naturally?

Original Moxie products are designed to work on all hair types - and are especially beneficial if your hair is relaxed, permed, colored or enhanced with extensions. Our gentle, pure formulations are specifically designed to strengthen your hair and tone your scalp. Many of our products (e.g. Happy Endings and Hair Bling™ contain natural sunscreens and heat protectents, such as Cinnamon & Tucuma Butter, which protect hair from heat styling and help to preserve color. Get Clean!™ No-Foam Shampoo provide the ideal cleansing solution for synthetic and natural extensions, while Featherweight™ Conditioner provides detangling without creating build-up. Twist Mist™ provides a light-weight, high shine that works equally well on synthetic or natural hair.

How does Get Clean!™ No-Foam Shampoo clean your hair without suds?

OK - we'll try to keep this short without getting too 'science-y,' but the truth is that it's all about the chemistry and the chemistry says that you simply don't need huge amounts of foam to properly cleanse your hair.  Let's start with the basic dynamics of how cleansers (or 'surfactants') work.  Essentially, by changing the hair's moisture barrier and pH, surfactants allow water to bond with oil, thereby loosening oil (and the dirt it attracts) from the hair and allowing it to be rinsed away.  

It is important, however, not to overly strip the protective outer layer of oil, as this  barrier preserves the water and natural oils that make hair shiny, healthy and smooth.   This barrier also provides effective protection for the scalp against chemicals and bacteria. High-foam surfactants (such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfates or SLS) can disrupt this protective layer, dry and roughen the hair, irritate the scalp and raise the its naturally acidic pH balance, thereby increasing its susceptibility to disease and infection.

Get Clean!™ No-Foam Shampoo combines gentle, plant-based surfactents, such as Coco Betaine and Decyl polyglucoside, with natural sources of saponin, such as Soap nuts and Yucca.  Although they do not produce foam, they do allow the water to bond with oil, thereby removing excess oil and dirt without disrupting the hair and scalp's natural protective barrier. The result is hair that feels clean, soft, and healthy.

Why don't you sell Minis of all your products?

There is only one Original Moxie product which we are unable to make available as a Moxie Minis. This is Scalp Therapy™, which, due to the highly concentrated nature of the product, is not feasible to package and sell in a Mini size. However,like all our products, however, if you purchase a full-size container of any of these products and are not satisfied, you may return the un-used portion to us for a full refund.

Are your products available in unscented varieties?

Although we would like to eventually offer certain products with a fragrance-free option, we are not yet able to do so. Please note that if you are allergic or sensitive to artificial fragrances, you may be more tolerant of the essential oil fragrances that we use in our formulations. Artificial fragrances often contain strong synthetic chemicals that may produce allergic reactions while essential oils do not. Essential oil fragrances dissipate much more quickly into the atmosphere, so even though you may smell our products when you put them on, you will probably not notice the fragrance after it dries. Some people with sensitive skin may, however, be allergic to both synthetic fragrances and essential oils. If you are not sure, please try a sample size before ordering a full-size product.

Do you use any chemicals in your products?

Most of our products are at least 90% natural, but those that contain both oil and water may contain a limited range of safe chemicals (all of which have been classified with a low hazard rating by the Environmental Working Group) that have no natural equivalent for emulsification, thickening, and preservation.

Several of your products contain silicone - is this bad for your hair?

The debate about silicone and hair is a fierce one. In our experience, silicones are not necessarily bad, and can, in fact be quite beneficial, as long as they are used correctly. We use Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone in limited quantities to assist in smoothing the hair, preventing breakage, and preserving moisture. Because silicones are 'occlusive,' meaning that they form a barrier on the hair and skin, they protect the hair from heat styling, keep moisture from evaporating, and prevent moisture from entering the hair, thereby preventing frizz. Unfortunately,  there is no natural equivalent that offers the same effectiveness, particularly with respect to heat protection.   This is especially important for porous and/or damaged hair. Our approach blends small amounts of silicone ingredients with natural oils, waxes and water-based ingredients.  By using it in a supportive, rather than a starring role, we minimize build up and ensure that natural oils and beneficial moisture are able to penetrate the cuticle.  Both our Get Fresh!™ and Get Clean!™ Shampoos contain gentle surfactants which are effective at removing Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone, thereby preventing product build up without stripping hair of its natural oils.