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Hair Type Profiles

Poofy Hair

This hair type is characterized by strands that want to stand apart from their neighbors, creating a halo of frizz.   The Poofy Hair Phenomenon generally occurs in thicker hair with a medium to coarse texture.  Curl pattern can vary from wavy to curly.   The key to taming The Poof is to seal and smooth the cuticle with the proper shampoo, conditioner, and styling combo.

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Original Moxie Rx:

CLEANSE: Since this hair type can occur in dry or oily hair types, your choice of shampoo will depend on where you fall in that spectrum.  Use Get Fresh!™ Shampoo for normal to oily hair and Get Clean!™ No-Foam Shampoo for drier hair.  Both shampoos are pH balanced to help keep the cuticle smooth.

CONDITION: Conditioning is extra important for this group, as this step will further acidify and smooth the cuticle and will coat the hair with emollients to reduce friction and frizz.  As with your cleansing routine, your choice of conditioner will be determined by your degree of dryness.  Drier hair will benefit from Intense Quench™ Deep Conditioner, while normal to oily hair needs the lighter touch of Featherweight™ Conditioner.

STYLE: For this hair type, we strongly recommend that you go with a layered style. Attempting to make your hair lay down in a smooth sheet will only lead to frustration.  Paired with a good cut, the right styling products will help you to minimize poof while making the most of your thick, healthy mane. Shape Shifter™, which stretches and lengthens, is the go-to product for poofy hair.  Apply when hair is damp and air dry whenever possible (blow drying will add volume).  Seal all over with a small amount of Twist Mist™ applied when hair is still damp. 

Still not sure how to categorize your hair? Contact us for further assistance in diagnosing your hairtype and creating a customized product selection suited for your unique needs.