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3-D Diagnostic™

You are not one-dimensional and neither is your hair! In reality, your hair can be described as a combination of three different characteristics: Density, Dryness, & Degree of Curl. Original Moxie's exclusive 3-D Diagnostic System™ eliminates the guesswork by helping you identify the products that fit the real you.

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Here's a quick overview of how to understand our system:

3d-chart-density2.gif Density (Fine to Thick): A combination of two qualities: texture & thickness. Texture refers to the diameter of your individual hair strands. Fine-textured hair tends to be flyaway and weightless, while coarse-textured hair hair is very strong and may appear dull. Thickness is the actual quantity of hairs on your head and varies from thick to thin. Hair Density ranges from Fine/Thin to Coarse/Thick. We have simplified our chart to range from "Fine' to 'Thick', but we understand that, in reality, many people actually have 'split personality' hair with different hair densities mixed together or distributed in 'zones' across the scalp. Just find the end of the spectrum that most closely approximates your true hair type and use this as a general guide.
3d-chart-dryness2.gif Dryness (Oily to Dry): The amount of hydration (water) and natural emollients (oil) in the hair. Because of the structure of the hair, very curly or kinky hair tends need more emollients while straight hair needs more hydration. If your hair is fine and straight, but dry, it may be damaged and probably needs hydration, but not oil. If your hair is thick and dry, it probably needs more oil than water.
3d-chart-curl2.gif Degree of Curl (Straight to Kinky): This is the characteristic that most of us use to describe our hair. Your hair may be completely straight (lacking any natural curl), wavy (a gentle 's' pattern), curly (coiled or in a tight 's' pattern), kinky (tight 'z' pattern) or a combination of all four. Our chart ranges from Straight to Kinky, with Wavy and Curly falling in between.


Still not sure how to categorize your hair? Contact us for further assistance in diagnosing your hairtype and creating a customized product selection suited for your unique needs.