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Eco Packaging

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Our new sustainable packaging goes above and beyond to deliver your favorite products in a sleek, low-impact, and easy-to-use system. And we've got the numbers to prove it!


Renewable Materials Our Cartons are made from 81% FSC Certified Paperboard, a completely renewable and sustainably managed resource.


Smaller Carbon Footprint The manufacturing process for our paperboard cartons produces a 66% smaller carbon footprint than traditional plastic packaging.


Lower Shipping Footprint Paper cartons are lightweight and ship flat, producing 90% less emissions than the same amount of plastic or glass containers.


Biodegradable In the event that our paperboard cartons find their way into the trash, they are 80% biodegradable, taking up far less room in our landfills and reducing the amount of our waste.


Recyclable All components of our Sustainable Packaging, from our Cartons to our Aluminum Bottles and PCR Plastic Capsule are fully recyclable in most municipalities.


Recycled Content Our durable and reusable outer Capsule is locally produced from 60% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) Plastic, removing literal tons of plastic from the waste stream.