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Hair Type Profiles

Hair Type Profiles

Over the years, we've noticed that there are some hair types about which we get lots of questions. These are the top eight, complete with a thumbnail description and customized Original Moxie Styling Regimen.

Click on the icons below to learn more about these hair types.

htprofile-combo-web.jpgCombination (Combo) Hair: Hair that hovers between oily and dry, and is thick with a fine, sleek texture.

htprofile-curlydry-web.jpgCurly + Dry: Tightly curled hair that craves moisture and responds well to heavier oils and creams.



htprofile-curlyoily-web.jpgCurly + Oily: Loosely curled or wavy hair that is easily weighed down and tends to be flatter in the crown area.

htprofile-dry-web.jpgDry Hair: Thirsty hair that benefits from heavier oils and creams.

htprofile-flat-web.jpgFlat Hair: Hair that lies close to the head and tends to be thin with a fine texture.



htprofile-kinky-web.jpgKinky Hair: Thick, tightly textured hair  with less visible curl definition.

htprofile-oily-web.jpgOily Hair: Hair that needs frequent washing and is intolerant of heavy styling products.



htprofile-poofy-web.jpgPoofy Hair: Thick, coarse hair with individual strands that stand apart from their neighbors.

Still not sure how to categorize your hair? Contact us for further assistance in diagnosing your hairtype and creating a customized product selection suited for your unique needs.