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Customer Care

Your Hair Stories

We frequently update this page to spotlight the diverse stories and testimonials that our clients have shared with us.  Whether you have bone straight or intensely curly hair, we hope that you will recognize a little of your self in these real-life Hair Stories!

“Dear Original Moxie, I am (proudly) a mixed race Asian American Female. As far as my hair is concerned it is quite literally a mix, some strands of my hair are course, thick and wiry, some are of medium density and completely straight some are baby fine fly-aways.

So products that are meant for Caucasian hair, dry me out, and products for "ethnic" hair can be too heavy.

Of course, like most American Females I have spent hundreds of dollars on hair products, [but] after using Original Moxie, I now look at these typical salon products as junk food - it looks and smells nice and has flashy advertising but it really is not good for my hair. 

After the first time I used Original Moxie I could feel that this product was different. It wasn’t about forcing my hair to be a certain way, but about nourishing and encouraging my hair. 

Before using OM I had really given up on any kind of a hair styling routine, but now I actually look forward to it, because I know that the styling will last all day, and I am doing something really healthy for my hair. Thank you.”

Jessica G., Ypsilanti, MI

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