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Hair Type Profiles

Combination Hair

Do you find that you can go for several days between washes but that your hair may become easily weighed down and greasy feeling with too much styling product?  Your hair is relatively thick but not coarse?  Isn't quite oily or dry but somewhere in the middle?  If so, you may have what we call 'Combination Hair'.  This Goldilocks type of hair needs just the right balance of cleansing, conditioning and styling to look its best.  

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Original Moxie Rx:

CLEANSE: Alternate your wash days between Get Clean! No-foam Shampoo & Get Fresh! Shampoo.  This will help to even out your natural oil production and ensure that your hair maintains its natural balance.

CONDITION: When you wash with Get Clean! No-foam Shampoo, condition with Featherweight Conditioner.  When you wash with Get Fresh! Shampoo, Condition with Intense Quench Deep Conditioner.  Be sure to apply the deep conditioner only from mid-shaft through the ends, so as to avoid weighing hair down and creating more oil at the scalp.

DETANGLE:Use a dab of Everyday Leave-in to smooth and detangle your hair prior to combing or styling.

STYLE: While hair is still damp, lightly coat your hair with Mane Tame Weightless Frizz Control to prevent frizz and strengthen delicate strands.  If additional glossing is needed, spritz just a touch of Twist Mist Lightweight Shine onto the outer mantle of your hair, focusing on ends and avoiding the root area.  Hair can then be allowed to air dry or blown dry depending on your preference.

Still not sure how to categorize your hair? Contact us for further assistance in diagnosing your hairtype and creating a customized product selection suited for your unique needs.