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Hair Type Profiles

Flat Hair

Flat hair does not necessarily mean that you have no curl or wave, but rather that your hair tends to lie close to your head, particularly in the crown area.  (Many in this category naturally have quite a bit of natural curl).  Your hair is probably on the thin side with a a fine delicate texture.  If this describes your hair type, your main concerns probably center around controling excess oil & creating frizz-free volume.

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Original Moxie Rx:

CLEANSE: Wash every day with Get Fresh!™ Shampoo.  This will not overstrip your hair but will keep your hair free from excess oil.

CONDITION: Many in this group tend to skip a conditioner, thinking that it will weigh their hair down and make it oily.  Featherweight™Conditioner, however, is completely oil-free and will tone your scalp and add weightless shine to your hair. 

STYLE: While hair is still damp, spritz all over with Sweet Poof™Volumizing Spray, scrunching hair to accentuate piecey-ness and texture.  Further enhance, lift, definition, and shine with Hold Up™ Defining Serum. Apply all over, raking through with fingers and using a small amount. This is a highly concentrated product, so a little goes a long way, particularly on very fine hair!

Still not sure how to categorize your hair? Contact us for further assistance in diagnosing your hairtype and creating a customized product selection suited for your unique needs.