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I'm An Original


At Original Moxie, we know that it's more than 'just hair'. Hair can affirm identity, attitude, and self-expression. It can represent our sense of power, strength, and individuality. It says ‘This is me. I’m an Original’.

No matter what your texture, we all struggle with our hair. But in many ways, it is the struggle that brings us closer to a knowledge and acceptance of self. All the things that we find difficult or 'imperfect' in ourselves are often the very things that make us most beautiful.

Working with Portrait Photographer Carolyn McCarthy, we are documenting the personal hair journeys of some of the inspiring and amazing individuals whom we serve. Through these intimate and moving narratives, we hope to encourage further understanding and acceptance of one another and ourselves. Each month we'll feature a new individual as they share with us what makes them an Original. You can check out their stories in the videos below.

We'd love to hear from you! Share your hair story with us here and tell us what makes you an Original.