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About Us

Rachel's Hair Story

"The difficult task of learning to like (or even love) the way we look takes most of us a lifetime."

One Dominant Gene!
My Grandmother, Mother
and Great Grandfather.
Mom and I rock our 'fros.
Naked, Nappy & Happy!

"In my case, the blissful ignorance of childhood ended early, when I noticed that I did not have silky, smooth, straight hair like most of my friends, dolls and TV idols."

Early attempts to Contain the Curls.
Taken shortly after cutting my own 'bangs' all the way back to
the middle of my head.
The Little-House-on
the-Prairie Bonnet -
a wardrobe essential. 

"I tried to conceal my curls in whatever way I could, from tight braids to hats, until my teen years, when I discovered chemical relaxers.  After decades of badly damaging my hair and scalp, I very slowly began to open up to the idea of allowing my hair to be naturally curly."

A rare moment without braids.
Broccoli Phase.
'Nuf said.
Super Straight Phase.

"It took several more years to figure out how to care for and style my hair in a way that looked flattering and felt good.  But it wasn't until I  began making my own hair products that things really started to click!"

Self Acceptance + Awesome Product
= Hair Nirvana!

"Now I rarely have a bad hair day and regularly receive complements from total strangers.   The truth is that, no matter how you style your hair, the secret to real beauty is just learning to be yourself!" - Rachel