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Style Tips

Detangling Natural Hair


Contrary to popular belief, natural hair (very curly or kinky hair that is not chemically relaxed) tends to be very delicate. Unfortunately, it is also prone to tangles and knots. So part of every Natural's routine is detangling hair without causing breakage. These simple steps can help to minimize breakage and make the styling process a breeze. Click on each heading to see full details.

#1 Detangle with a No-foam Shampoo.
Get Clean!™ No-Foam Shampoo not only removes product and dirt without stripping your hair's natural oils, but it also acts as a natural detangler. Work the shampoo through in sections and, once hair is coated and slippery, work your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through to dislodge any knots. You will find that knots literally fall out on their own even without combing.  However, gentle combing can help with more stubborn tangles.

#2 Apply a Rinse-out Conditioner.
Working in sections, distribute a generous amount of Intense Quench™Deep Conditioner through the hair, from roots to tips. By now, your fingers should slip easily through your hair. If possible, allow the Conditioner to penetrate by leaving it on your hair for a minimum of 5 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly, making sure to do a final rinse with cool water.

#3 Gently Remove Excess Moisture
When your hair is wet, your curls  naturally coalesce into spirals or waves.  While you will want to wick away excess moisture, it is important to minimize any disturbance to your freshly detangled curls. T-shirt towels (our Versatowel makes an especially stylish one)or other non-snagging materials are preferred. Don't remove all the moisture from your hair - just enough to keep it from dripping.

#4 Moisturize, Smooth, & Twist.
As long as your hair remains wet and is protected with a conditioner or styling product, such as Everyday Leave-in™, you can gently loosen any remaining snarls and tangles without disturbing the curl pattern. If you have a lot of hair and need extra time to fully detangle your entire head,  spritz hair with water to keep it moist. Use your fingers to distribute the leave-in through each section of hair (no larger than 2"), raking with your fingers to eliminate any new tangles. Holding the end of the section, gently twist it in a single rope as though you are wringing out a towel. Twirl the twisted section into a loose bantu style knot (swirling the twist around itself to get a spiral shape) and pin with a large hair clip to temporarily secure. This will help to drain off any excess moisture and product without disrupting your curl pattern. Once you have applied the Everyday Leave-in to your entire head, unclip each section and style as desired.