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Style Tips

Beach Hair


If you have straight, wavy, or even slightly curly hair, you can achieve the much-coveted beach hair look.   It starts with the right shampoo and conditioner combo and finishes with a styling products that amplify and define your natural waves.  We'll walk you through a simple how-to for creating the perfect beach hair, whether your hair is fine and thin or wavy and thick!  (Click on the individual steps to read detailed instructions).

#1 Cleanse gently. Condition lightly.
Beach hair is one of those looks that walks the fine line between messy and sexy.  Starting with clean, unfettered locks will make sure that your look is more movie star and less desert island castaway.  Our shampoos cleanse without stripping while our conditioners tone and balance without adding excess weight.  The preferred combo for finer, oilier hair is Get Fresh! Shampoo™ & Featherweight Conditioner™.For thicker, drier har, use Get Clean!™ No-foam Shampoo and Intense Quench™ Conditioner.  If you have Combination Hair, try mixing and matching a shampoo and conditioner from the Light Moisture & Extra Moisturizing Lines.
#2 Moisturize
Texture and volume, a must for beach hair, start with a powerful humectant, like Oasis™Moisture Gel , which draws moisture from the air to plump the hair shaft and make it appear larger. This moisture-rich leave-in won't weigh your hair down, but will add bounce and accentuate your natural curl.  Apply a small amount to freshly washed and conditioned hair and rake through (do not comb) with your fingers.  

#3 Volumize & Texturize.
For fine hair, apply Sweet Poof™ all over and Piece-nik™ at the roots to damp hair. For thick hair, spritz roots with Sweet Poof™ and apply Shape Shifter™ to damp hair starting 4" from the scalp and smoothing out to the tips of your hair. Gently lift and scrunch your hair as it dries to enhance your natural wave or curl pattern. For maximum volume & texture, flip hair upside down and dry with a diffuser, until hair is about 60% to 70% dry.  Flip hair back up and continue to dry with a diffuser, scrunching and lifting your hair in sections.  Thicker, straighter hair will benefit from additional curling with rollers or flexi-rods.  Continue diffusing until hair is completely dry.  Re-apply a bit of Sweet Poof™ to hair when it is about 90% dry.

#4 Shake & Go!
Once hair is totally dry, remove any curlers, and shake hair out to loosen curls and waves.  To keep the look going for multiple days, simply braid hair in large sections before going to bed.  Un-braid in the morning and re-apply a small amount of Sweet Poof™ at the roots.