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Style Tips

Activating Curls


Since most hair has at least a little natural wave, it just takes the right products to go from flat to fabulous.  Follow these simple tips to boost volume and texture and get the romantic beach hair or luscious curls of your dreams.  The results will vary depending on your hair type and the technique that you choose.

Enhancing Curl in Wavy & Naturally Curly Hair
Begin your styling routine with a spray texturizer such as Sweet Poof™, which contains Irish Moss and the Ayurvedic herb Indian Gooseberry (also known as 'Amla'), to add volume.  Spritz onto freshly washed and conditioned hair, focusing on the roots.  For extra lift, apply a small amount of Piece-nik™ at the roots, rubbing it in 'against the grain' of your hair's natural growth pattern.   A cocktail of Hold Up™ Defining Serum with Oasis™ Moisture Gel, applied throughout the hair while it is still wet will activate the curl pattern while keeping your waves well-defined and sleek.  Flip hair upside down and dry with a diffuser, until hair is about 60% to 70% dry.  Flip hair back up and continue to dry with a diffuser, scrunching and lifting your hair in sections.  Continue until hair is completely dry.  For maximum texture, re-apply a bit of Sweet Poof to hair when it is about 90% dry.  For a zero frizz, lacquer-like finish, skip the Oasis™, which tends to increase 'poof'.

Adding Curl to Straight, Thick Hair
If you have thick hair that is naturally very straight with no discerbable wave pattern, you probably find it hard to coax your hair into holding a curl or updo.  Try this simple Original Moxie method to get great, long-lasting curls and waves.  Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.  Combine a dollop of  Shape Shifter™ with a pea-sized amount of Hold Up™ Defining Serum through your hair in sections, using enough to lubricate, but not coat, the hair.  For no-heat styling, simply roller set, or spiral with flexi-rods and allow to dry naturally.  The alternative is to dry hair (curlers in) with a hood or hand-held dryer.  Once hair is dry, carefully remove curlers or flexi-rods, taking care to disturb curls as little as possible.  Shake hair to loosen curls and, if additional volume and texture are desired, spritz hair with Sweet Poof™ and scrunch.