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Style Tips

Frizz Control


There are two types of frizz: the kind caused by damage to the hair shaft and the kind caused by humidity.  Taking a nuanced approach to frizz is important, since solutions will vary depending on the cause. Click on the headings below to learn how to fight frizz with Original Moxie's all natural hair care products.

Damage-Induced Frizz
Since it stems from permanent changes to the hair's outer cuticle, damage-induced frizz is harder to fix. Frequent heat styling or chemical treatments, such as coloring or perming, roughen the hair's outer cuticle and erode it's protein core. This leads to hair that feels rough and dry and looks frizzy.

If you have hair with this type of damage, the best way to eliminate frizz is to take a break from the styling habits that caused it and treat your hair to regular infusions of moisture and oil with products like Original Moxie's Emollience™ Pre-treatment and Oasis™ Moisture Gel. Also be sure to deep condition on a regular basis with Intense Quench™

Style your hair with protein-rich products that seal and smooth the hair shaft, such as Mane Tame™ and Hold Up™ Defining Serum. Ingredients such as Wheat Protein and Quinoa Protein strengthen the hair and help to keep moisture inside the shaft.

NOTE:  Beware of Keratin Treatments if you have damaged hair.  The high heat may make hair even more brittle and the keratin 'sheath' that is applied to the hair may make it incapable of absorbing much needed moisture from the air and oil from your scalp.

Humidity-Induced Frizz
This type of frizz happens when hair absorbs moisture from the air, causing individual hairs to swell and separate from one another.

If you have curly hair, humidity may tighten your curl pattern in addition to increasing volume.   A final rinse with cold water is a good general preventative for this type of frizz and can be aided with a conditioner, such as Featherweight™ or Intense Quench™,  that lowers pH.  Just as a higher (more basic) pH opens the cuticle and makes hair feel rough, a lower pH will seal it up and make it feel smooth. 

The most important tool in your Frizz Fighting Arsenal is what we call 'Proactive Hydration'.   This is simply applying a humectant product, like   Oasis™ Moisture Gel or Everyday Leave-in™, to hair when it is wet.  By binding moisture to your hair, you reduce the likelihood that it will absorb moisture from the air once it is dry.

Last, but not least,  it is helpful to apply a styler that seals the hair shaft, protecting it from humidity throughout the day.  Hold Up™, Mane Tame™ and  Just Gel™, do just that by forming a light film that keeps unwanted moisture from penetrating the hair.